OMG, You Can Now Watch 'Sailor Moon' Online For Free!

Time to relive your childhood!
PHOTO: Sailor Moon/TV Asahi/Viz Media via

Looking for things to keep you entertained in quarantine? So far, online concerts, live Q&A sessions, and streamable TV shows, documentaries, and films have probably been keeping you occupied. Here's another thing you'll soon be able to add to your lineup: Mark your calendars because beloved '90s anime series Sailor Moon will be available to watch online for free starting Friday, April 24!

Here's what we know so far: All 127 episodes from the first three seasons of the original Sailor Moon anime, which aired on television from 1992 to 1997, will be released in parts starting April 24. Ten new episodes will be added each week on the official Sailor Moon YouTube channel until the all three seasons have been uploaded before the end of July.

That means you'll have something new to look forward to each week—you may want to subscribe and turn on your notifications so you don't miss out on each new upload! If you were an anime fan growing up, get ready to relive your childhood. But if you're new to the popular Japanese genre, now's your chance to catch up on the classics!

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Sailor Moon will be available to watch online starting April 24.

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