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Watch The Breathtaking Video Of Erwan Heussaff And Anne Curtis’ Honeymoon In Africa

It was one sweet safari!

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff have already been sharing snippets of their honeymoon trip to Africa, but the YouTube video Erwan posted on December 23 captures even more of their thrilling adventure.

The couple got a chance to get up close and personal with the wildlife. Their first stop, Mana Pools National Park, lets visitors go on a walking safari. Amid a soaring musical score, Erwan narrates, “We did things here that felt extraordinary.”

The pair had incredible animal encounters at each of their stops, from meeting elephants on the road to canoeing in the Zambezi river, navigating between crocodiles and large pods of hippos.

They also got to quietly sit observing a pack of wild dogs, which Erwan says was one of his favorite parts of the tour.

He gives his thoughts on the need for wildlife preservation, too: “Being with these animals made me feel so small and insignificant. Yet it made me sad, that even though we are not as impressive as them, we humans are probably the most destructive force on earth.”  

Erwan also includes a link in the video description inviting others to donate to protect White Rhinos, which are being hunted for their horns. He likewise shares a touching part of their journey to visit a baby elephant that they adopted at an orphanage.

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Of course, since they were officially on honeymoon, the couple shared sweet moments as well, including a kiss in one of the pools with a view of the mighty Victoria Falls.  

Towards the end, Erwan says they shot the video without a specific story in mind as Africa was just so beautiful he wanted to capture all of it. With so much footage, he shares there will be a second part to their video coming soon.

Watch part one of Erwan and Anne’s African safari here: