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Watch This Powerful Video About Hate Comments For Kylie Jenner

This video will give you chills.

18-year-old Kylie Jenner has been a hot topic on social media for as long as we can remember. From her over-the-top beauty habits to her controversial relationship with rapper Tyga, it seems like everyone has something to say about the youngest Kardashian-Jenner.

Will Rebein created this chilling four-minute video featuring one of Kylie’s makeup videos, which he edited to play in reverse, so that it shows what the reality TV star looks like without her signature full makeup. The video was put on mute, and an anonymous voice started reading endless hate comments.

“The clip is played in reverse to symbolize that the comments are stripping Kylie of her self-esteem and identity. The film is meant to be viewed as a criticism of the hate culture on blogs,” Rebein wrote about his video.

After seeing the amount of hate comments Kylie was receiving during her recent trip to Australia with sister Kendall, Rubein said that he was both “shocked and disgusted.”

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“People forget that Kylie Jenner is a real person; just a young 18-year-old girl. This anonymous hate culture on gossip sites is out of control, and I thought by reading these comments (which were literally just taken from the top comments of two articles) and showing imagery of Kylie makes them seem more real and realize how painful the words can be,” he wrote on his Vimeo account.

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 “People are quick to judge online because it's convenient and can be done anonymously. I think many people get enjoyment from bashing a celebrity online...because it gives them a feeling of power,” Reubin said in an email interview with Refinery29.

No truer words have been said. So before you hit "send" for that hate comment, think about the person you're sending negativity to. 

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