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How To Watch YouTube Videos Without WiFi

Goodbye, buffering wheel!
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Don't you hate it when your fave YouTuber finally uploads a new vlog or makeup tutorial only to have that damn buffering wheel appear?! Sobrang hassle lang

But there's actually a hack you can do to prevent this from happening. Did you know you can now watch videos even when you have little or no internet connection with YouTube Offline?

UPDATED as of November 2, 2016, 3:41 p.m.: First launched in December 2014, the offline feature for the YouTube app lets people make videos available for offline viewing  using WiFi or their data plans. Once taken offline, the videos can be viewed without an Internet connection for 48 hours, allowing people to enjoy YouTube videos during short periods of low or no internet connectivity.

A lot of you gave us feedback that you couldn't view all videos offline, and a spokeperson from YouTube said select videos "will not be available for offlining, due to rights issues." So it really depends where you're viewing videos—certain areas have copyright limitations that prevent videos from being viewed outside the country.

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Here's how to watch offline for Android and iOS users:

1. Download the YouTube app.

2. While you're still on WiFi or data plan, go to the video you want to save.

3. Look for the offline icon, which is an arrow that's pointing down. Can't find it? It's located on the lower right side of the screen just below the video title. 

4. *Click* Saved!

When you get home tonight, save all the videos you want to watch during your long commute to work tomorrow. (Unless of course you're driving, in which case, keep those eyes on the road!)

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