What Is The 'Pasimflex' Pose, And How Do You Do It?

When you've worked so hard on your bod, but pose like you were born with it.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/juancarloscuenca, (RIGHT) Instagram/meganbata

Imagine #ripped and #humblebrag met and had a baby, that's what #pasimflex is. When we are proud of our hard work, and we'd like to flaunt our shape without meaning to be boastful, we do #pasimflex.

Social media is so filled with this subtle pose, you might not even have noticed. Read on, so you’ll know one when you see one.

1. Look away from the camera and distract with cutesy stuff like Megan Young

2. Reach for your itchy back tattoo

3. Maintain a poker-faced look ala Robby Mananquil

4. Lighting is key, as demonstrated by Rhian Ramos

5. Create a mood

6. Drop your shoulders and celebrate a "triple" ala UAAP cager Juan Gomez de Liano

7. Cheer like #pasimflex OG Freddie Webb

8. Wear "ugly sneakers" or chunky kicks to flaunt them calf muscles

9. Look exhausted while engaging your quads like Jake Cuenca

10. Distract with the “titavibe ala Maxene Magalona

11. Spell out your goals

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12. Receive a call like baller Noah Webb

13. Strum it like Thirdy Ravena

14. Again, make sure the muscles are there, or else you get #pasimflexfail

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