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What's It Like Being A Victoria's Secret Angel?

We get ALL the Victoria's Secret gossip from Elsa Hosk.

Elsa Hosk, a 26-year-old girl from Sweden who started off her career juggling modeling with playing professional basketball, was given her wings and Angel-status earlier this year and got to walk alongside regulars Doutzen Kroes, Lily Aldridge, and Adriana Lima.

"Oh it was so exciting!" Elsa tells us, describing the day she found out. "I actually didn't know I was going to walk in the front segment until the day of the fitting.

"My look was hanging there but I didn't know it was my look yet, so I was like 'what is this doing here, it's obviously not mine' and then they were like, 'Surprise! It's your look.'


But how does a girl go from playing basketball to modeling in front of millions?

"It's definitely helped me so much in modeling," Elsa explained. "Just knowing how the body works and being athletic means it's easier to stay athletic while working a different job.

"Just having the whole control over your body is so important when you're modelling - to just be able to know exactly what you look like and what you're doing."

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And how DO you prepare for walking on the catwalk for what is the biggest lingerie show in the world?

"I've been working out. A lot! Two hours a day for the last two weeks.

"I've also been eating really healthy and just taking care of myself and being nice to myself, like letting myself sleep. And of course stepping up the workouts.


"I've been doing a lot of boxing. I have a boxing trainer at a gym, which is really fun. And I also try to complement it with flybarre, which is lengthening, strengthening, toning, just tightening everything up.

"It's two completely different workouts but they really work together."

The pressure to look amazing must be immense, but Elsa takes a view that you can't be everything to everybody at all times, so you just have to not let it get to you.

"There is definitely a lot of pressure," Elsa told us. "Being a model, you're constantly judged [by] the way you look, but I think you have to be really strong and confident in knowing who you are and not take anything personally you know because not everybody can like you, and not everybody will think you're beautiful.

"It's just not all about that. It's so much about the personality and who you are as a person."


As she's often snapped in lovely lingerie, Elsa must have some great tips on how to find the perfect set: "I would just walk straight into Victoria's Secret or Pink and take your pick, there's something for everybody here", the model said. "That's what I love about this store—you can be anybody and you'll find something you love."



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