NINANG CHALLENGE: Can You Help Decode What Scarlet Snow Wants For Her Birthday?

Smart girls know what they want.
PHOTO: Instagram/scarletsnowbelo

In a video posted by her dad Doctor Hayden Kho, Scarlet Snow Belo describes the gift she wants to receive for her birthday. It’s a kind of bubble today, and she gives all the specific details in this adorable video.

Scarlet Snow is turning four on March 3, and the little firecracker has a birthday request. Her dad Hayden posted a video of Scarlet carefully describing it! 

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Scarlet knew all the details, and she playfully explained what the bubble toy should look like and what it should be able to do. We know Scarlet to be a very expressive kid, and she definitely didn’t fall short on describing what’s on her birthday wish list to the tee.

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We can hear Doc Hayden in the background stumped about where to get this magic bubble toy. As veteran godmothers (and gift sleuths), we’re guessing she’s talking about a bubble machine of sorts. But, we’re equally as clueless about the bit where you’ll need to press on the bubbles to make them pop. Do any of you godmothers or young moms know what Scarlet wants? Could any of these famous bubble machines be it?

We heard from the grapevine that Scarlet is going to have a princess-themed party on Saturday, the day before her actual birthday. And, there’ll be another celebration on Sunday, on the day of her actual birthday. Based on her past parties, we’re expecting it to be nothing short of a little princess’ dream. Last year, on Scarlet’s third birthday, she celebrated via a dinosaur-themed party that drew in all the “It” babies of town. This year, we’re excited to see kaka-gigil snaps of all the top cuties. We’re just waiting for our invite; we’re ready with our princess costume.

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