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What Taylor Swift Just Said About Heartbreak Is On Point

"A heartbroken person is unlike any other person."

Taylor Swift seems to have the gift of perfectly describing our ~*feelings*~. 

In the June issue of Elle magazine, Taylor opens up about her inspiration for her songs on her hit album, 1989. When asked to talk about one particular song, "Clean"—which is all about finally getting over someone who broke your heart—Taylor spoke the most beautiful words we've heard in a while. 

Here’s what she said:

"'Clean' I wrote as I was walking out of Liberty in London. Someone I used to date—it hit me that I'd been in the same city as him for two weeks and I hadn't thought about it. When it did hit me, it was like, Oh, I hope he's doing well. And nothing else. And you know how it is when you're going through heartbreak. A heartbroken person is unlike any other person. Their time moves at a completely different pace than ours. It's this mental, physical, emotional ache and feeling so conflicted. Nothing distracts you from it."

She continues:

"Then time passes, and the more you live your life and create new habits, you get used to not having a text message every morning saying, 'Hello, beautiful. Good morning.' You get used to not calling someone at night to tell them how your day was. You replace these old habits with new habits, like texting your friends in a group chat all day and planning fun dinner parties and going out on adventures with your girlfriends, and then all of a sudden one day you're in London and you realize you've been in the same place as your ex for two weeks and you're fine. And you hope he's fine. The first thought that came to my mind was, I'm finally clean."

Well said T, well said. 

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