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What Would Catriona Do: You Need To Read Catriona Gray's Advice If You're Burning Out At Work

Life is about setting your priorities and being smart about your decisions.
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Each journey towards achieving a dream and being the best version of ourselves comes with its share of roadblocks, which can deter or discourage us to continue with our pursuits. But when life hits us hard, having a good plan, a positively driven mindset, as well as sound advice, almost always puts us back on track.

So we sat down and caught up with Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray to pick her brain for a round of “What Would Catriona Do” when faced with life’s little curveballs. After all, the beauty queen is a prime example of being a solid go-getter without compromising her identity and personality.

You’re burning out at work but you’re so close to getting promoted.

"I would push because I feel that sleep can always wait. Something people don’t know about me is that I have a special talent when it comes to that—I can sleep in the car, in the plane, I can do it at the drop of a hat. But to me, when it comes to work, give it everything, ‘cause you’ll never know when it’s going to come around again, or if another opportunity would present itself. You only have one chance to make a good impression, and I would make the most out of it. Sleep can always wait—there’s always coffee."

You want to start your own business but don’t have capital and don’t know where to begin.

"I think these days, almost anyone can start a small business, especially with social media—all you need to start with is an Instagram account. It’s all about finding ways to take that small step. What other people underestimate is that there’s someone who’s willing to mentor them in case they need it. For as long as there’s a will, there’s always a way."

You’re at an interview for a job you have zero experience in.

"I personally wouldn’t lie to an employer but I would help them see that even though I may lack experience, it would be worth it to at least look at the skill set that I have, and more importantly, the eagerness that goes with it."

You want to move out of your parents’ house to live closer to your workplace, but your parents won’t let you. (Because you can’t cook.)

"I can cook! *laughs* I would talk to my parents and say: 'You know what, this is my reason for wanting to move out, and by doing so, I know that I will grow as an individual. And don’t worry, I’ll visit on the weekends or whenever I get the chance! But if you’re really concerned about me eating well, after every family dinner, you can always give me baon.' When it comes to cooking, there’s always YouTube and cookbooks. If all else fails, there’s delivery."

You’re hungry, but you’re stuck in traffic.

"I would put some music on and distract myself, good thing I am always connected, 'cause when you’re in standstill traffic, you tend to get bored, and sometimes those hunger pangs strike. Also, I’d go on Netflix or YouTube, or sleep. I don’t recommend that you watch anything while you’re driving, though. If you’re behind the wheel, there’s music or audio books to keep you entertained."

You planned a date with your barkada but now you’re lazy to see them.

"I do have moments where I plan to spend time with friends, and when the day comes, I find myself putting more effort to get out of the house to see them. But one thing I’ve always realized is that it ends up being such a great decision even if I get easily tempted to stay in. Now, the only issue is having time to do so in spite of my busy schedule. And because life is so fast-paced, we tend to fixate on social media. So it’s good to make sure you engage with your friends in person."

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