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Whatever Happened To JoJo? Well, She Grew Up And Looks Like This

Admit it: 'Baby, It's You' was your jam.

Remember JoJo?

You know, the 13-year-old singer responsible for pop hits like, "Leave (Get Out)," "Baby, It's You," and "Too Little, Too Late" in 2004? She also had a brief acting stint when she played Robin Williams' daughter in the movie RV.

Well, the girl is all grown up now, and is on Instagram as @transluscentbrownsugar!

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So what has she been up to? Despite being off the music radar for about 10 years, it seems like she's coming up with new material, after she posted this pic taken a month ago. 

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She's also been hanging out with Selena Gomez.

And has obviously been working out.

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She's been tweeting a lot, too.

Crossing our fingers this girl gets back in the music scene, stat! We're itching for a new JoJo song already!

In the meantime, let's have a major #throwback video, shall we? After all, JoJo taught us The Best Relationship Rule Every Girl Should Live By, "Ice is cool, but I'm lookin' fo more. Simple things is what my heart beats for. "

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