Which Travel Movie Heroine Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Filipina leading lady you embody, and what local destination should be on your 2011 bucket list!

Don't you wish your life was like a movie, where everyone perpetually looks their best and a soundtrack underscores all the drama? We're all leading ladies in our own stories, but sometimes it's nice to get away from reality and escape to a beautiful destination where you can live out your fantasy life—and maybe meet some interesting characters along the way.

CLICK HERE TO ANSWER THE SHORT QUIZ that will help you find your local female movie muse whose journey you can follow.

Find out what's the best destination for you to escape to this summer, including helpful tips, accomodations, restaurants, activities, and contact information that will make your travels as stress-free and breezy as those in the movies. Also check out the gallery for photos of the gorgeous landscapes Cosmo scoped out for you this summer!

FUN TIP: Experiment with different answers, so you could check out all three results (and see the travel details in each!).

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