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Now We Know Who Takes Maxene Magalona And Rob Mananquil's Travel Photos

Mystery solved!

We've been following Maxene Magalone and Rob Mananquil's travels for a while now, and we've always wondered: Who (the hell) takes their travel photos?! And we know you do, too, since y'all read our article about it last year.

For a refresher, here are some of their pics that left us confused AF:

When they went to Coachella

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Their trip for two to Tokyo

And Rob's V-Day proposal to Maxx, also in Tokyo

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Maxx, who has probably been quizzed about this a lot, finally revealed the ~secret~ to how they take their photos. Writing on IG, she said:

"Just sharing a photo that my fiancé posted from our recent beach trip. For those who don't know, this is how we take our travel photos: Rob sets up the camera, I stand in front of it, he frames the shot and waits for a kind passerby to press the button for us. He really has an eye for photography and I'm just so proud of all his beautiful photos!"


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