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Kim Chiu And Xian Lim Reveal The Simple Reason Why They Don't Say 'I Love You' A Lot

'That's our type ng relationship.'
PHOTO: instagram/chinitaprincess

Nine-year strong couple Kim Chiu and Xian Lim used to be super low-key about their relationship, but this past year, they've opened up more and more about their love on social media. In Kim's latest vlog, we got a glimpse of KimXi's out-of-town road trip and their simple joys, like running, getting a massage, and eating together, of course!

On their way home from their quick getaway, the two answered Qs about their relationship from their fans and these are a few bits of info that we gathered: that they have a shared love for traveling, they want to visit Switzerland as their first post-pandemic vacay, Kim is just as matakaw as Xian, and they both collaborate in planning their itineraries when they travel.

But what got our attention the most were their answers to deeper questions about their relationship. For one, their fans actually noticed that they don't say "I love you" to each other a lotspecifically Kim! And Xian answered the question and said he never felt any ~pagkukulang~ when it comes to Kim saying "I love you" or not. "Hindi naman, tiba tiba pa nga ako sa 'I love you' ni Kim," he said. Xian then went on to say that it might seem that way just 'cause they're both not super into PDA: "Pero I think hindi lang talaga kami ma-PDA na tao...Hindi tayo ma-PDA because I think 'yon tayo. That's our type ng relationship namin is hindi kami ma-PDA."

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Kim agreed and said, "'Yon lang at alam na namin 'yon sa isa't isa, 'di ba, Xi?"

I mean, if that's who they are, who are we to question what they have, right? 

Kim Chiu and Xian Lim also answered two other interesting Qs about their long-term love, so read on below to feel the kilig we just did with these two!

Do they have a perfect relationship?

Kim: "Wala namang perfect relationship pero I love our imperfections."

Xian: "We love our imperfections. Love is a choice. We adjust for each other...Give and take talaga sa relationship."

What's your advice for people in long-term relationships?

Kim: "Loyalty, of course...Loyalty and trust sa partner mo. Loyal ka, loyal ang partner mo, and then meron kang tiwala sa partner mo na hindi siya gagawa ng kalokohan, 'di ba? Iniiwas yung duda-duda ganyan ganyan. Selos selos sometimes pero okay lang din 'yon."

Xian: "For me, siguro ang ingredient to a long-lasting relationship is tama si Kim. [It's] putting in the work, 'di ba? Hindi porket kayo na, petiks petiks na lang...It's your duty and obligation as a boyfriend and as a girlfriend to make each other happy every single day."


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