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Why Do Korean Celebs Always Pose With A Food Truck On Instagram?

PHOTO: (LEFT) INSTAGRAM/bn_sj2013, (RIGHT) INSTAGRAM/soohyun_k216

If you're an avid Korean drama fan, then we're a hundred percent sure you're also following your favorite K-drama stars on Instagram, keeping a keen eye on them as you wait for updates on their new projects. You'll also know that food trucks are a series of IG snaps they like to upload on their feeds.


Park Seo Joon, IU, and Lee Hyun Woo sent their friend, Kim Soo Hyun, food trucks on the set of It's Okay To Not Be Okay.

Now, you'd think it's just a random thing to post on their socials, but there's actually a touching, if not super sweet, reason behind these posts. Food trucks are actually a staple in Korean filming sets, keeping the cast and production crew nourished with food and kept warm (or jolted awake) with a fresh cup of joe.

Choi Woo Shik sent one to Park Seo Joon, too, on the set of Itaewon Class

These food trucks prove to be convenient and extremely useful since filming dramas and movies can take the stars and the crew to far-flung locations with their eating schedule falling on obscure times. And so, with friends sending them food trucks, it's their way of showing love and concern to the K-drama star. In turn, the one who receives the sponsored food truck poses in front of it, snaps a pic, and posts it online. This is to show that he has gotten the generous gift, is very grateful for the thought behind it, and appreciates the support. Awww!

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Crash Landing On You star Son Ye Jin also received a food truck from her friend, Yoona.

But it's not just dear friends or colleagues who send these trucks to Hallyu stars. In fact, their fans also often gift their fave stars a food truck! Remember when Jinkee Pacquiao personally visited and gave Ji Chang Wook a food truck back in 2019?


Fans make sure to send their beloved celeb a customized food truck not only because they love the K-drama star, but also to express their support and care for the dozens of crew that are working hard to successfully carry out the drama or movie.

Like Jinkee, Ji Chang Wook's Philippine fan base gathered a whopping P80,000 to send a food truck to their idol. "We wanted to show our support and let him know that we are cheering him on in his comeback drama," said Anne dela Cruz, Ji Chang Wook Philippines (JCWPH) administrator, in an interview. They said that they worked closely with the actor's fan club in Korea to make all the arrangements to send Chang Wook and the rest of the crew some churros (the star's fave snack) and coffee, as well as other food and drinks.


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