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Here's Why Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler Broke Up After Nine Years

But fear not—there's hope they can get back together!!!

I know, I know—you're still spiraling over Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler's unexpected breakup....That is, if you aren't rooting for Vanessa to start dating her High School Musical sweetheart, Zac Efron, again. Vanessa and Austin's relationship lasted for NINE YEARS, which has naturally left fans of theirs wondering...why the breakup? We finally have some answers now, God bless.

Like many other Hollywood couples, Vanessa and Austin apparently broke up because they were spending too much time apart due to their busy acting schedules. "They're just shooting on two different continents and it's a matter of distance," a source told E! News. "There is no bad blood at all, and they have a lot of respect for each other." In case you didn't know, Vanessa is currently filming The Princess Switch 2 in Scotland, while Austin his filming his untitled Elvis Presley biopic in Australia.

In the past, Vanessa talked about how being away from Austin was rough, so their breakup reasoning is slightly more understandable. "FaceTime, good communication, respect, and trust [are what keep us going]," she said in her Cosmopolitan UK interview earlier this month. "The longest we've been apart was four months. It sucks! You start hating hearing yourself say 'I miss you.' But if it's your person, you make it work."

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There is a silver lining though, y'all. It appears there might be hope that Vanessa and Austin get back together. It sounds like their breakup wasn't messy at all, because even though they "are split for now," they're "going to see what happens," a second source told E!, adding that Vanessa and Austin "have such a history and deep connection, they could find their way back to one another."

Now if you need me, I'll be setting up a candle-filled prayer circle wishing for Vanessa and Austin's reconciliation. 'Kay, bye!


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