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Why Henry Golding Of 'CRA' Is Too Precious For This World

He's not only the Prince Harry of Asia but the prince of our hearts!

Henry Golding plays Nick Young on the film adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians and he's the Asian leading man we didn't know we needed! I mean, look at him. He's just (in Constance Wu's own words) ~*oozing*~ charm. 

Here are 10 moments caught on camera, that will make it impossible for you not to love him:  

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When he took a selfie with a camel:

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When he seemed absolutely bewildered on Ellen:

When he played with kittens during an interview: 

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When he was absolutely in awe of the Niagara Falls:

When he had a tiny tea party:

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When he wore that all-white suit as Nick Young:

When he masked (because we all know skin care is important):

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When he baby-sat for someone and it was soooo cute:

Whenever he takes photos with kids, actually:

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When he pretended to cut Kevin Kwan's hair:

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And...when he posted a throwback photo of him and a fur baby:

Dear Henry, we hereby dub you as the newest Internet Boyfriend (even though you're already taken)! 

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