Why Henry Golding Of 'CRA' Is Too Precious For This World

He's not only the Prince Harry of Asia but the prince of our hearts!
PHOTO: DJDM/Wenn.com

Henry Golding plays Nick Young on the film adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians and he's the Asian leading man we didn't know we needed! I mean, look at him. He's just (in Constance Wu's own words) ~*oozing*~ charm. 

Here are 10 moments caught on camera, that will make it impossible for you not to love him:  

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When he took a selfie with a camel:

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When he seemed absolutely bewildered on Ellen:

When he played with kittens during an interview: 

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When he was absolutely in awe of the Niagara Falls:

When he had a tiny tea party:

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When he wore that all-white suit as Nick Young:

When he masked (because we all know skin care is important):

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When he baby-sat for someone and it was soooo cute:

Whenever he takes photos with kids, actually:

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When he pretended to cut Kevin Kwan's hair:

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And...when he posted a throwback photo of him and a fur baby:

Dear Henry, we hereby dub you as the newest Internet Boyfriend (even though you're already taken)! 

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