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Zac Efron Had A Totally Legit Reason For Not Singing In The 'High School Musical' Reunion

This actually makes a lot of sense!
PHOTO: Instagram/zacefron

As if times rights now aren't hard enough, High School Musical fans were further distressed by events that happened earlier this week—and yes, I'm talking about Zac Efron not singing during the High School Musical reunion.

For the Disney Family Singalong, basically the whole HSM cast reunited to sing "We're All In This Together" over video call. But one person who wasn't in it together was Zac, who opted to introduce the song instead of, ya know, singing it. Obviously, with Zac being the lead and all, fans were pretty pissed, and many took to Twitter to air out their ~feelings~.

But! It turns out that Zac had a totally legitimate reason for not singing his heart out alongside Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. Yesterday, his HSM co-star Monique Coleman told TMZ that not only did director Kenny Ortega have a hard time getting in touch with Zac in the first place, but Zac was off the grid somewhere which made things difficult. She also added that filming the song took all day, and suspected that Zac's WiFi wasn't great—she pointed out that his intro video was fuzzy and bad quality—which def would have been prohibitive. And that checks out—I mean, these are Zac's last two Instas:

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Plus, Pop Crave previously gave the same explanation for Zac's not singing, sharing that he was "Hunkered down in the middle of nowhere with patchy WiFi."

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In conclusion: Zac did the best he could, okay??


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