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Will Kanye West Bring Kim Kardashian To His Manila Concert?

TBH, it's something we're dying to know!

Multi-hyphenate superstar Kanye West is set to perform in Manila for the very first time at the Paradise International Music Festival (IMF) on April 9 at the Aseana City Open Grounds. AWESOOOOME, RIGHT?!

But tbh, one of the earliest thoughts that popped into our minds right after hearing the news is this: Will Kanye bring Kim Kardashian along?

I mean, wifey Kim K is suuuper supportive in Kanye’s music career and has been spotted numerous times tagging along in his concerts all over the world.

So to get the deets on this utterly IMPORTANT question, we asked the producer of Paradise IMF, Boardworks Media, if our girl Kimmy is coming.

“We are just as wishful as everyone is. That would be great if she would be here too!” said Josh Ylaya, Boardworks Media’s Director of Operations.

We’re hoping, wishing, and praying she DOES come over.

But having Kanye headline the first-time festival is a feat in itself. “We wanted to do it big. Our first goal was to get a headliner that is a music icon and has never been in Manila, or even in Asia.”

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Josh also revealed some info on how it was like working with the superstar rapper. He says, “Working with Kanye's team is such a treat, you could see what it is that makes him Kanye. He is very hands on and careful with his brand, a trait that I think all the other great artists share.”

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Niiiiiice. We’re most def looking forward to this one!

For more deets about Paradise IMF, visit their site here.

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