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Winwyn Marquez + Arci Munoz Are Totally Fangirling Over BTS And We LOVE IT

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/ramonathornes, (RIGHT) Instagram/teresitassen

In this day and age, the term BTS doesn't just stand for "behind-the-scenes" anymore. Since the rise of K-pop in the global scene, when you say BTS, it means you're talking about the biggest boy band in the world. We're talking about these guys:

BTS, whose name is an abbreviation of Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean (which translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts in English), has broken SO MANY records in the past few years as they've gained worldwide recognition for their music, aesthetic, performances, and positive messages.

With the Philippines having one of the most supportive and active fanbases, it's no wonder a number of local celebs have proudly called themselves part of the ARMY (what BTS fans are called). We know Liza Soberano and Leila Alcasid have been longtime fans, but two other celebs have recently joined the ARMY: Winwyn Marquez and Arci Munoz.

Going through their social feeds, you'd notice that probably 90 percent of their posts are BTS-related—they're totally unashamed to show off their fangirl selves! Here, we gathered the many, many times they proved to be hardcore ARMY.


Winwyn and Arci's BT21 game is STRONG.

Here they are posing at the BT21 shop in Hong Kong:

And ~hugging~ their merch!

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Arci takes it a notch higher by wearing head-to-toe Chimmy merch. It's no doubt that she LOVES Jimin.

Ahhhh! Winwyn was so LUCKY to score a ticket to BTS' Love Yourself – Speak Yourself concert in Shizuoka, Japan in July this year.


Winwyn recounted her close encounters with the OT7 through two Q&A videos on her YouTube channel! Fun facts about Winwyn's BTS journey: 1. She watched the concert ALONE but quickly made friends with J-ARMYs; 2. She got into BTS when she broke up with her longtime boyfriend Mark Herras earlier this year; 3. Her ultimate bias is V (and right about DIED during his "Singularity" performance) but loves all of the boys equally!

But of course, they watched the recent Bring The Soul: The Movie!

Winwyn watched with co-ARMYs that she made friends with:

Arci organized her own block screening of the film with her followers:

Winwyn isn't only a beauty queen, but is also a passionate dancer! Here she is with her "Boy With Luv" and "I NEED U" dance covers (Big Hit would be proud):

They've both ~gladly~ joined in on #ARMYSelcaDay!

This happens every first Tuesday of the month with ARMYs posting photos of themselves that are similar to BTS' pictures!

TLDR; Check their social feeds to see all their BTS content!

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