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WATCH: Winwyn Marquez Finished Her Marine Reservist Training At The *TOP* Of Her Class

On Saturday, November 21, actress and beauty queen Winwyn Marquez posted throwback photos of herself wearing a green gown and the Reina Hispanoamericana crown she won in 2017. In the caption, she teased her followers that she will "finally get to wear something really special to me in the same color and it will also be for our country."

The very next day, November 22, the 28-year-old star made the big reveal: She graduated from her Marine Reservist Training at the very top of her class! Winwyn shared photos of her training wearing her green camouflage uniform, and recounted her journey that started back in February and which she continued despite the COVID-19 pandemic: "I enlisted to become a Marine Reservist under the Philippine Naval Reserve Command and when COVID-19 hit us we were asked if we still wanted to continue with our training and I said YES."

Winwyn also shared that she was part of the "small number of women" in her class, she never received any special treatment because of her artista background, and she found a new "family" in her classmates:

"During these difficult times, attending this Reservist Training (which I religiously attended all classroom lectures, drills, and even joined the three-day Field Training Exercise in Cavite as the culmination of our training course) has become one of my motivations to keep on moving forward and to continue to serve others despite the limitations and uncertainties. I am also honored to be one of the small number of women, to join this training as it matches my passion to encourage and empower our Filipino women.  The training was no easy feat as I was expected to experience hardship just like everyone with no special treatment or privileges. I was seen not as 'Winwyn the actress and beauty queen' but as Cadet Marqueza fellow Filipina and sister to my batchmates. Thanks to the support of my batch, family, and other like-minded people around me, I have completed the course with realizations I never knew I would learn and also a new set of classmates-turned-family. Through this breakthrough, I will be able to exemplify that anyone, regardless of the field of expertise, gender, or age can join and be someone they thought they can never be as long as they have the heart to serve."

She then closed off her heartfelt post by revealing the purpose she found through her training: "I am sharing this personal moment with you all hoping it can be a motivation and inspiration not only to Filipino women but to all Filipinos to not be afraid of their weaknesses and to pursue their passions in life. Do know that I am not here to impress you, I am here to make an impactWE are here to make an impact."

Winwyn's current rank is master sergeant. She is the Batch Dakila Batch President and finished Top 1 for Class 01-2020 and Top 1 Physical Fitness.

You're such an inspiration, Cadet Marquez! Congrats!

To know more about what Winwyn's training was like, watch the video below.


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