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Here Are 14 Woo Do Hwan Photos That'll Make You ~Feel Things~ Today

Is your heart fluttering? Your chest pounding? That's exactly the point.
PHOTO: Instagram/wdohwan

27-year-old K-drama actor Woo Do Hwan has been in the Hallyu industry for years, but he's *finally* gotten the recognition he deserves now that he's starring in The King: Eternal Monarch. In the fantasy drama, Do Hwan plays two polarizing roles: the icy chief imperial bodyguard Jo Young and the over-the-top public service worker Jo Eun Seob.

Seeing him in these dual roles every week has turned us into legit fans of his! So, to keep our ~hearts beating~, here's just a bunch of his Instagram posts that'll make us fall in love with him even more.

Boy sure knows how to take a selfie, so here he is while on vacay at the beach:

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Just an appreciation post for Do Hwan's razor-sharp jawline:

This is such a ~boyfriend~ selfie, like, GOD DAMN:

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Oh, flowers for ME?!

Imagine going on a date with him…*swoons*

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He's a bit of a dork IRL, which is just the cutest thing ever!

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But his smile…boy, his smile.

Just oppa waiting for you 'cause you're late for your date. Yihee!

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A sweet finger heart from le ~hypothetical~ BF:

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Him admiring the snow while on a winter trip (with you?!):

This editorial is just KILLER:

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But nothing can beat this one:


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