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LOOK: Yasmien Kurdi Graduates With Magna Cum Laude Honors

Yasmien reminds working students to never stop reaching their goals and dreams.

Juggling acting, school, and being a parent and wife all at the same time is no easy feat, but Yasmien Kurdi showed that it is possible.

On Instagram, Yasmien posted on April 6 that she graduated with a degree in AB Political Science with Magna Cum Laude honors from Arellano University.

In her post, Yasmien said, “All the hard work for many years in college paid off. To all the working students, never stop reaching for your goals and dreams in life!”

She added, “Life is hard but you have to keep pushing forward. Feed your mind with positivity like ideas of success, not failure. Let life be a learning experience and always believe in yourself!”

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In a separate post, Yasmien thanked her husband, Rey Soldevilla, her daughter, Ayesha Zara, and finally, her mom, whom she called “ang aking pinaka-unang guro.”

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