Purse Paparazzi: What's Inside Yassi Pressman's Chanel Bag?

She carries how many beauty products in her purse?!
PHOTO: Mixi Ignacio

Yassi Pressman was recently named the first Filipina ambassador of In2It and Cosmopolitan was there to celebrate with her. We also took the opportunity to do a quick bag raid with her to see what she carries around in her cute purse! 

Yassi's bag of choice: Chanel Boy New Medium in Aqua Blue Quilted Lambskin. Mixi Ignacio
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Of course, just like all of us, Yassi can’t leave the house without her phone in tow. Check out that cute phone case!

Yassi can't leave the house without her phone! Mixi Ignacio
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P1,000 cash

LOL! On this particular day, Yassi only had P1,000 in her purse—just enough in case she had to pay for something. We asked her where her credit cards were, and she said they were all in her car! P.S. There was no wallet in sight, too!

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Ever wondered what Yassi’s scent of the moment is? Here it is: Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It’s a feminine and floral scent that’s perfect for her.

Yassi's current scent is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. Mixi Ignacio

Face powder

Yassi keeps her oiliness at bay by lugging around te In2It Face Poppin Blur Pressed Powder. Bonus: This powder even has SPF20.

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Just like all of us, Yassi keeps oiliness at bay with a pressed powder. Mixi Ignacio


Highlight and contour palette

Yassi is a self-confessed low maintenance girl when it comes to beauty, so she appreciates products that can do multiple things for her. She loves contouring and highlighting her face with this palette because it’s travel-friendly. Perfect for taping to personal ganaps!

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A highlight and contour palette is always handy. Mixi Ignacio

In2It ColourStix Matte in Barely

“My favorite!” she exclaimed. Yassi can’t stop wearing this not only on her lips, but on her cheeks and eyes as well!

Yassi uses this lippie on her eyes, lips, and cheeks! Mixi Ignacio

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In2It Lip Poppin’ Tint

Just like all of us, Yassi’s into tints, too. We can’t blame her—they’re so easy to wear.

Mixi Ignacio


For days when she needs extra help for coverage, she uses the In2It Acne Care and Concealer Stick. 

This concealer not only covers acne, but it can also help heal it in the long run. Mixi Ignacio
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