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Yeo Jin Goo Reveals His 'Start-Up' Cameo Was Supposed To Be A *Secret*


One of Start-Up's best *crossovers* was when actor Yeo Jin Goo made a voice cameo in the show as an AI speaker named Jang Young Sil—"he" was basically an upgraded version of Amazon's Alexa that Good Boy Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) ~talked~ to from time to time! While it wasn't publicly announced that Yeo Jin Goo was making a special appearance in the show, many people recognized his deep voice. 

Start-Up Netflix Cameo Yeo Jin Goo
Courtesy of Netflix

In an interview for GQ Magazine, as translated by Soompi, Yeo Jin Goo talked about his role as Young Sil, saying: "It was just a cameo, but it was a fun experience. A lot of the things that Young Sil said came back like foreshadowing, so first I would speak the lines robotically, like an AI speaker, and then I'd try to say it as if I was predicting the future." 

He also revealed that the voice cameo was supposed to be *hush hush*! "The director wanted to keep it a secret at first. A lot of people I know heard it and knew at once that it was me. There were also people who were one step behind and were surprised to find it was me. I have one close friend who watched the drama from start to end but didn’t know it was me until I appeared onscreen in the final episode." 


In Episode 16 of Start-Up, Yeo Jin Goo made a *live-action* cameo as a start-up owner named Hong Ji Seok, who pitches a new service that aims to pair adults with teenagers who just got out of the orphanage. Han Ji Pyeong tells him: "I like your voice. I'll invest 100 million won and donate 300 million. I don't need many shares. I just want you to find me some nice kids who need my help."

A Scene from Netflix's Start-Up
A Scene from Netflix's Start-Up -
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23-year-old Yeo Jin Goo's latest acting project is a psychological thriller drama called Beyond Evil, where he will play the role of an "elite detective named Han Joo Won" who is pursuing a serial killer. His Hotel Del Luna co-star IU even sent snack + coffee trucks to the set! The series is set to premiere in February 2021.


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