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OMG, Yoon Chan Young's Kiss With Park Ji Hu Was His First Kiss *Ever*

Yoon Chan Young's first kiss ever was with Park Ji Hu
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/yooncy1; (RIGHT) Instagram/03_hu

You guys, Yoon Chan Young just revealed something major about one of his scenes in Netflix's All Of Us Are Dead.

The South Korean actor, who plays Lee Cheong San in the series, recently shared that his kiss with Park Ji Hu (Nam On Jo) was actually his *first kiss ever.*

Yoon Chan Young and Park Ji Hu in 'All Of Us Are Dead'

"I don’t know if I am allowed to say something like this, but that was my first kiss," said Chan Young, according to a report by Koreaboo.

Because he didn't have any prior kissing experience, Chan Young recalled wondering how he would do the scene with Ji Hu. The result was still pretty adorable, though. Aww.

"When we first started the scene, our lips didn’t touch," he remembered. "Our noses blocked it. At the time, I thought, ‘Huh? What am I supposed to do?’ It was a sad scene, but the producer showed us the reel on the monitor while laughing. They said it was cute."

In case you haven't started watching the South Korean show on Netflix, All Of Us Are Dead is a story about a group of students who try to survive when a zombie virus breaks out in their school. 



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