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6 K-Dramas Starring 'Snowdrop' Actress Yoon Se Ah

Yup, she played a mom in 'Sky Castle!'
6 Must-Watch Yoon Se Ah K-Dramas

Korean actress Yoon Se Ah has starred in 26 K-dramas (and nine Korean movies) to date, which only means that you've seen her in one of your favorites. The 44-year-old is not only known for her versatility in acting (she can play both the bida and kontrabida!) but also for her variety show skills. In 2012, she took home the Best Newcomer trophy at the 12th MBC Entertainment Awards for her stint in the fourth season of We Got Married. And her talents don't stop there—Se Ah is also a dancing queen and we can't get enough of her "LALISA" and "Gashina" dance covers!

LALISA DANCE by SNOWDROP SQUAD (Eun Young Ro & Ms. PI) Yoon Se-ah Dance Lalisa Challenge JISOO LISA

Why would you leave pretty me alone Yoon Se Ah's dance performance- Knowing Bros 105

Se Ah wears multiple hats but she's at her best when she's acting in front of the camera. Read on to see her most popular K-dramas so far:

Early projects

1. A Gentleman's Dignity (2012)

If you've been watching K-dramas when we still call them Koreanovelas, you'll remember A Gentleman's Dignity which aired on ABS-CBN in 2012. It's centered on four men (Jang Dong Geun, Kim Su Ro, Kim Min Jong, Lee Jong Hyuk) who have been friends since they were eighteen years old. Now that they're in their forties, some things have changed but their friendship remains the same: Whether they're having a hard time in their career, love life, or other life problems, they remain close and loyal to each other. Se Ah plays the role of a golfer named Hong Se Ra and is the girlfriend of one of the BFFs.

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A Gentleman's Dignity Full Trailer

2. My Sassy Girl (2017)

Not to be mistaken with the classic Korean movie of the same name, the 2017 My Sassy Girl is a sageuk (historical) K-drama set in the Joseon Dynasty. It tells the story of an aloof scholar named Gyeon Woo (Joo Won) and a ~*sassy*~ princess named Hye Myung (Oh Yeon Seo) who were each other's worst enemy before they became friends. Soon enough, they develop feelings for each other. In this drama, Se Ah comes from a royal family and is called Queen Park.

My Sassy Girl Teaser #1 | Watch it with subs on the same day RIGHT after Korea's telecast!

3. Sky Castle (2018)

The dark comedy that introduced South Korea's highly-pressured education system to the world, Sky Castle tells the story of the wealthy families who live in a posh neighborhood called SKY Castle. Beneath their glamorous lives are the struggling children who are pushed to study hard so they can get into the top university in South Korea. Yoon Se Ah portrays the character of No Seung Hye, a mom who has a different way of raising her sons and daughter (Kim Dong Hee, Jo Byeong Gyu, Park Yoona). She's less harsh when it comes to studying, and would often *save* her children from her husband (Cha Min Hyuk) who needs to enroll in anger management classes.

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Recommended Videos

Sky Castle | Main Trailer [HD] | Netflix

4. Melting Me Softly (2019)

When it comes to K-dramas with unique storylinesMelting Me Softly is on top of our list. The Ji Chang Wook and Won Jin Ah-led series is about two human beings who were part of an experiment: Instead of being frozen for 24 hours, they woke up after 20 years. With the huge changes in their lives, they get tangled in difficult situations. Here, Se Ah plays a supporting character named Na Ha Yeong.

MELTING ME SOFTLY Trailer #1 | Ji Chang Wook, Won Jin Ah | Now on Viu

Recent projects

5. The Road: Tragedy Of One (2021)

Se Ah is back as a ~member~ of the rich and famous in the mystery thriller The Road: Tragedy Of One. This time she's Seo Eun Soo, a woman who lives in the luxurious residential area called Royal The Hill where so many tragedies are kept. She is also a chaebol's daughter with multiple connections in politics and the economic industry. Eun Soo is married to journalist Baek Soo Hyeon (Ji Jin Hee) who, despite being a faithful husband, holds a deep and dark secret.

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Clip: Families in Royal The Hill | The Road?The Tragedy Of One EP01 | The Road

6. Snowdrop (2021)

The controversial K-drama Snowdrop features Se Ah as Pi Seung Hee or Ms. Pi. She's the head of the dormitory where Eun Young Ro (BLACKPINK's Jisoo) resides and although she's strict with the girls most of the time, she actually has a soft spot for them. Ms. Pi is a South Korean undercover agent with a traumatic past that left her scarred, and her backstory is one of the things that had everyone hooked with the drama.


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