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You Can Now Watch Videos On YouTube Ad-Free

FINALLY! No more annoying ads!

YouTube's been letting billions of Internet users watch videos for free for a while now, and to sustain this they've been getting advertisers to support the videos. Now it wants to give YOU the chance to watch videos or listen to music AD-FREE. You just have to subscribe to YouTube Red, a paid service that'll be available soon!

If ad-free viewing isn't enough to make you consider going Red, how about being able to download your favorite videos to your phone or computer for offline viewing? Or streaming music or listening to songs offline ad-free via Google Play or the YouTube Music app that'll launch by Christmas? And because you can be offline, you can definitely watch or listen to your music in peace.

YouTube Red will also have original films and shows available for its subscribers. (It'll be commissioning your favorite YouTube stars to produce them!)

There's no word yet how much the YouTube Red will cost us Pinoys (it's $9.99 a month in the U.S.). If you're not into spending on ad-free viewing or streaming, or downloading videos to your devices, here's some comforting news: 99.9 percent of YouTube's content will still be available for you, as it's always been. AWESOME!

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