You Have To See Miley Cyrus' Grammys Dress From The Side And Back

And, well, front. Hot AF.

Showing up nearly dead last to the Grammys and rendering nearly every other dress that had come before forgettable was Miley Cyrus, who strolled onto the carpet wearing a maxi dress was also kind of a naked dress. From the front it was like, hello, cutouts! And from the side-back it was a confirmation that Miley is hot AF and has no "problem areas" where, like, her butt and thighs meet. 

It starts off ooOOoOoOOo:

Miley Cyrus Grammy Dress

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And then you see the back:

There are many, many flame emojis that I can't type that are the only way to properly express what this dress means/is.


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