This Video Shows How Creepy 'You's' Joe Goldberg Really Is

Omg, the red flags!!!!
PHOTO: YOU/Netflix

So lately I feel like people have been trying to gaslight me into liking Joe from Netflix's hit romance thriller You. The internet is all "sure he's a serial killer, but his heart was in the right place, and if Beck was just a better person, he wouldn't have had to take such extreme measures." No really, this is straight from the comments section on Cosmo's Facebook page. And not just one.

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Thankfully, Netflix—which is also trying to get you to stop calling Ted Bundy hot—is fully on my side. On February 4, the streaming platform released a new video on their YouTube page to show you Joe and Beck's relationship without his constant inner monologuing. Turns out, Joe is even creepier than we thought AND can't hold a conversation to save his life. Major turn-off, even if you're somehow looking past all the murder. Watch for yourself:

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This may be the most awkward, frightening video I've ever watched. Run, anyone who meets Joe!

Honestly, thanks for this, Netflix. And props for giving Peach the credit she is due for spotting Joe's crazy from a mile away. #JusticeforPeach

Oh, and if you want some actually cute (but maybe kind of creepy) Penn Badgley content, look no further than his column of relationship advice from Elle Girl back in 2005, dug up by my new fave Instagram account @thankyouatoosa.

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But wait:

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Ideally?!?! WYD, 18-year-old Penn?!


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