You Have To See These Rare Photos Of Prince Philip As A Young Man

Bye Harry, you're no longer needed.
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If your interests include vintage thirst traps and BTS photos of the British royal family, then hello and welcome to 15 rare photos of Prince Philip looking young and—in the case of several pics from his cricket-playing days—pretty damn hot. Enjoy, and don't blame me when you walk away confused about your feelings toward the Duke of Edinburgh, a man who is currently 97. 

1. Date Unknown

Oh, this? Just Philip surrounded by a fleet of women in tutus, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, Queen Elizabeth, don't even worry about it!

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2. 1935

Before you're like "why the f*ck is Philip wandering around with knee high lace-up sandals and a sword," pause because yes, he was in a play. This photo of ~fashun Philip~ was taken for the Gordonstoun School's production of MacBeth, and serves as proof that he'd probably love Comic-Con.

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3. 1935

When he wasn't busy having his own personal toga party, Prince Philip could be found atop a sail boat with the wind in his hair. It's a vibe.

4. 1935


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5. 1939

Wait, the men in your life didn't wear knee socks at age 18? Weird. (Also, look at his smirk! That's the smirk of a man who can get away with knee socks!)

6. 1939

Here's Philip sashaying his way through a cricket match, doing his very best impression of every teen heartthrob ever.

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P.S. Does anyone else think he looks exactly like Prince Harry in this pic?

7. 1946

Philip is 25 and very serious. He's an officer in the Royal Navy. His socks are normal-sized. He no longer wears togas in public. Times have changed.

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8. 1947

Welcome to a very dashing Philip at age 26, just one month before his wedding to then-Princess Elizabeth. Not hard to figure out what she saw in him, TBH.

9. 1947

Basically, Prince Philip got engaged, immediately stopped smiling, and became super brooding. Like, "Sound of Silence" was probably written about this picture, that's all I'm saying.

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And really, though, he did have a lot to be happy about at this very moment. This picture was taken before his wedding, after a trip to Balmoral with Elizabeth's family! Aw.

10. 1947

"I wonder who will play me on The Crown, tho?" —Philip, probably.

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11. 1947

Just out here inspecting some troops, as ya do.

12. 1947

File under: That feeling when you realize you're vaguely attracted to 26-year-old Prince Philip and potentially all cricket players ever.

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13. 1947

THIS IS NOT A DRILL. What we have here is Prince Philip on the night before his royal wedding, getting whatever the royal equivalent of *turnt* is at his bachelor party. 

14. 1947

Yes, Philip can read and write. In case you were wondering.

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15. 1951

Don't wanna be dramatic but this photo of Philip playing polo at age 30 is the definition of "smoke show," and I will not hear otherwise. Also, shout-out to his Meghan Markle-approved hair tendril.


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