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Subscribe To These Youtube Channels If You're A Fan Of True Crime Content

More true crime content to binge during the weekend!
PHOTO: (left to right): YouTube/Buzzfeed Unsolved Network, YouTube/Bailey Sarian

If your Netflix recommendation list features shows like "Forensic Files," "American Murder: The Family Next Door," and "Unsolved Mysteries," then you're most likely a fan of all things true crime. If you've exhausted all the titles on online streaming platforms, check out this list of YouTube channels to subscribe to from readers in our Cosmo Community on Facebook!

1. Bailey Sarian

"She tells crime stories while applying makeup!" – Lariela

2. BuzzFeed Unsolved

Created by Ryan Bergara and first produced for Buzzfeed in 2016, Ryan and co-host Shane Madej also investigate haunted locations in the spinoff BuzzFeed Unsolved Supernatural—together the two represent a believer (Ryan) and a sceptic (Shane).

3. Crime Murder Mystery

This channel has several playlists, so take your pick from themes like "Fatal Vows," "Dark Minds," "Stranger In My Home," and "Facing Evil."

In the "Behind Mansion Walls" series, "one episode features two crime stories, tapos ang common theme is puro rich people murders ang involved." – Lariela

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4. Bella Fiori

Bella's channel has a mix of lifestyle and beauty content, so if you'd rather skip that and get straight to the mystery content then tune in to her "Mystery Mondays."

"I love her true crime videos!" – Cheska

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5. JCS - Criminal Psychology

"This channel delves deeper at what happens in the mind of a criminal during questionings/trials." – Rie

6. Stephanie Soo

If you love snacking while watching your thriller docus, tune in to Stephanie Soo's mukbangs as she chats about unsolved crimes.

7. That Chapter

Created by Irishman Mike Oh, you'll find true crime cases, unsolved mysteries, and creepy tales on "That Chapter."

8. Eleanor Neale

Eleanor focuses primarily on British true crime stories and unsolved mysteries, but she also shares makeup tutorials here and there (check out her review of Bretman Rock's collab with Colourpop!).

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Grazy TV's content is a combination of unsolved mysteries, tragic deaths, and controversial stories. She also covers issues surrounding K-pop and Korean culture.

10. Black Haired Foreigner

If you're interested in learning more about Korean true crime stories, check out Black Haired Foreigner's short episodes (they're between 5-10 minutes long!).

11. Mystery Avalanche

"A straightforward storytelling done by a cisgender married couple, they also do mystery/abandoned place explorations." – Vee

12. Mr. Ballen

"A former US Navy SEAL turned YouTuber. Speaks well, engaging storyteller. Has everything from mystery, a few supernatural, murders etc. Uploads almost daily!" – Vee

Bonus: Cayleigh Elise

"She stopped uploading na but she’s got a tonnnn of videos [on YouTube]. Hers are a bit more somber than BuzzFeed Unsolved." – Nikki


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