PSA: You Can Now Keep Playing YouTube Music In The Background

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We are in the age of technological marvels—and yet, for some reason, we still can't play a YouTube video on our phone without keeping the app open. Well, it looks like we've finally got one possible way to do the unthinkable. The YouTube Music Premium app lets you do exactly that, but it comes with a subscription fee. The music-streaming app of the video-sharing platform giant just launched in the Philippines on November 6

Youtube Music App
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At first glance, it might not add up, but YouTube actually accounted for 47% of the world's music consumption in 2018, making it the go-to app for people who want to stream music. YouTube Music takes this corner of the incredibly diverse—an understatement, we know—video-sharing platform, and rolls it up into one app.

Youtube Music App
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The app works much like any other music-streaming service, with some titles available both as a song and a video. You can also watch more than just official music videos; the app has live performances, remixes, covers and user-uploaded content, according to a report by StraitsTimes. Plus, you can skip as many songs and videos as you like without paying the subscription fee. 

If you sign up for YouTube Music Premium for P129 a month, then you get access to background play—yes, both video and music clips will continue even if you're on a different app! There'll be no ads and you can download as much content as you'd like for offline streaming. If you're not ready to commit yet, you can sign up for a free one-month trial.

Download YouTube Music for Android and iOS.

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