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Zac Efron Injured in "Stupid Accident"

Zac Efron injured his hand on the Los Angeles set of Townies.

Zac Efron injured his hand in a "stupid accident." The 25-year-old actor was hurt on the set of Townies, his new movie with Seth Rogen, on April 11 and is currently sporting a cast while he recovers.

A source told Us Weekly: "It was a stupid accident. He had it looked at. He's hoping it will heal fast—he's got a lot of work to do."

Zac's injury was reportedly caused when he fell over on the Los Angeles set of the movie.

The High School Musical star, who hasn't had a serious relationship since Vanessa Hudgens, recently revealed he refuses to eat tuna sandwiches before kissing scenes as he learned the hard way not to indulge in strong foods beforehand.

He explained: "No onions! I had a kissing scene one time and I ate a tuna sandwich and it was the first [scene] I had to do and I got called out on it.

"It was so embarrassing... You don't do that, don't be that guy!"

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