Zac Efron Needed to "Find Himself"

Zac Efron realized he needed to admit himself to rehab to "find himself" earlier this year after allegedly becoming addicted to cocaine and alcohol.

Zac Efron went to rehab because he "needed to find himself."

New reports claim the 17 Again actor checked himself into a treatment facility to cure his supposed cocaine and alcohol addiction for a second time in April, after experiencing a major relapse.

Sources told TMZ the star initially sought help for his apparent two-year struggle with class A drugs in March, but was forced to return in April when he started using again on the set of Seth Rogen's comedy Neighbors.

Zac is said to have acted "erratically" during filming, barely showing up to the shoot and causing worry amongst the cast and crew, leading him to seek care for a second time.

The gossip website also allege Zac's struggles stem from his personal and professional problems, suggesting the actor is disappointed his film career hasn't gone in the direction he hoped since his initial global success of Disney's High School Musical franchise.

Another catalyst is said to be the Hollywood hunk's "girl issues" with sources saying he was led astray by "a bad group of friends," whom he has since cut out of his life.

The 25-year-old actor, who shot to fame in Disney's High School Musical as a teenager, quietly completed a rehab stint earlier this year, thought to be for cocaine and alcohol, and pals close to the star say he realized he needed help and took proactive steps to kick his habit.

A source told "He realized he needed outside help. He reached out for it and is doing great now. His real friends started to worry about him."

The star sought treatment approximately five months ago and now appears to be back on track with a number of movies due for release over the next year.

A friend of the actor added he is "doing really great professionally. He's in a good place. He's clean and he's happy."

Zac walked the red carpet at a premiere for his new thriller Parkland at Toronto International Film Festival on Monday (September 16, 2013) and told reporters he was doing well.

He said: "I'm good, real good."

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