How Rich Is Zac Efron?

Come thru, 'High School Musical' moolah.
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Hey, guys, do you ever wonder how much money Zac Efron has made from his professional job as Pre-Teen Heartthrob turned Teen Heartthrob turned Adult-Women-Are-Still-Obsessed Heartthrob? Cool, same!

Zac and his frosted tips have been skipping their way into our collective hearts since High School Musical, a terrifying time when side-swept bangs obscured half of Zac's face and he couldn't get through one freakin' game of basketball without breaking out into song. It was truly the best of times, the worst of times, and the most Zac Efron–y of times.

But Zac made a lot of money from those Disney days, and he's gone on to work on some pretty major projects since hanging up his mouse ears—most recently, Netflix's chilling Ted Bundy movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, where our buddy Zac still manages to be problematically sexy despite playing a serial killer!

Anyway, time to hold internet hands ('cause ~WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER~) and dig into Zac's net worth. But not before I force everyone to watch Zac angry-dance in the under-appreciated performance art that is High School Musical 2's "Bet on It."

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Kay, So About High School Musical

Zac, bless his heart, starred in not one, not two, but *three* High School Musical movies. There were just so many musicals to perform, guys! TROY BOLTON WAS A MAN IN DEMAND. Anyway, it's unclear what Zac made for the first two made-for-TV films in the franchise, but probably not that much considering he was a relatively unknown teenager back then. However, by the time High School Musical 3 hit the big screen, Zac was a full-blown star and, according to a 2007 Chicago Tribune story, Disney forked over somewhere between $3 to $5 million (P157 million to P261 million) to get him on board.

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Impressive! And on a totally unrelated note, I'd like to remind everyone of the time a condom fell out of Zac's pocket at the red carpet premiere of children's film The Lorax.

Let's Not Forget All His Other Movies

Zac has been in a gazillion films that will never be as good as High School Musical but are frankly doing their very best. Among them: New Year's Eve, Dirty Grandpa, Baywatch, and the greatest worst movie ever, The Greatest Showman.

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And Zac's asking price for a feature film has definitely increased from a mere $100,000 or P5.2 million (which was what he reportedly earned for Hairspray) to the multi-millions—although his exact rate isn't known, and probably depends on how big-budget the film is. What we do know, however, is that Zac was ranked No. 92 on Forbes' 2008 list of 100 richest celebrities, earning $5.8 million (P303 million) in just one year.

Then There Are His Endorsements

Like literally every other celeb these days, Zac shills on Instagram in the name of #SponCon. Which basically means he gets paid to endorse random products and companies. Sadly there's no info on what Zac earns from this endeavor, but if Kim Kardashian is making $1 million (P52 million) per sponsored post with around four times Zac's follower count, you can assume Zac's making a *lot* less (but, like, still good money, obviously).

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And Finally, There's His House

Zac owns a gorgeous 56,444-square-foot home worth $3.995 million (P209 million), which you can see in his 73 Questions interview with Vogue, below. Apparently, he also owns a home just a few miles away in the Hollywood Hills, because one can never have too many mansions in the same city.

So, What's Zac's Total Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, that'd be a cool $24 million (P1.25 billion). Now excuse me while I go sing "We're All in This Together" to my remaining savings and hope for the best.


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