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Zack Tabudlo Denies Moira Dela Torre Cheating Rumors: ‘I kept quiet but it all became too heavy for me’

'We were accused of so [many] things, especially me.'
Zack Tabudlo reveals suicide attempt after being accused of cheating with Moira Dela Torre
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/moira; (RIGHT) Facebook/Zack Tabudlo

***Trigger warning: Suicide***

Ever since songwriter Jason Hernandez released a music video for his song "Ikaw Pa Rin" and composer Lolito Go spoke of Moira Dela Torre's alleged "dark side", the former couple has once more become the talk of the town.

Even singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo was not spared from being hounded by rumors. In particular, netizens have accused him of being a third party in Moira and Jason's relationship.

Recently, Zack took to Facebook to clarify matters once and for all and with it, made a shocking revelation: that he had attempted to end his own life at one point.

According to Zack, he met Jason and Moira in 2022 to collaborate on the song "Iba". Later on, while on tour with Moira as a guest performer, he developed a strong friendship with her and her friends. They became Zack's pillar of support as he was not in his best mental state, what with the pressures of being one of the country's top artists and all. 

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Following news of Jason "cheating" on Moira and their breakup, Jason called Zack and their other friends individually to ask them to give him and Moira space. Because Moira needed company during those times, their group continued to go out during that troubling time. 

"And more unfortunate things came with it," Zack said. "Because of these actions and support towards her, we were accused of so [many] things. especially me."

Zack went on to reveal that he attempted suicide and woke up in the ER hours later.

"I kept quiet but it all became too heavy for me. the pressure, the accusations, the music, my mental state, and everything just crumbled down for me. And I gave up. I couldn’t take it and I committed suicide. But thank God He gave me another chance."

"This is not an easy topic to open up. And I have been keeping this to myself for a whole year but I thought it was time."

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He also stressed just how great a friend Moira was at the time he was recovering.

"[Moira] was one of the people who [was] there for me during my healing stages in the ward and I will never ever forget how much she’s helped me grow and move [past] this phase of mine despite all the things she went through."



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