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Zayn Malik Was Super 'Emotional' When Gigi Hadid Gave Birth To Their Daughter

'He expressed that he is forever changed and would never disappoint her or Gigi.'
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/zayn; Instagram/gigihadid
  • Zayn Malik was super emotional during Gigi Hadid's labor and delivery, and "wants to be the best father possible."
  • The couple are in a good place and staying at their NYC penthouse (relatable!).

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik recently welcomed their first child together, and apparently it was a super emotional experience. Which, for anyone that's had a baby, shouldn't come as a huge surprise!

According to E! News, Gigi gave birth in New York City this week, and a source says that both her and Zayn's moms were by her side throughout the "holistic-based" labor and delivery.

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"Everything went smoothly and she is recovering at her penthouse," a source said. "Gigi is on a high and can't believe they created an angel. She's truly so in love and has had many emotional moments while holding her baby girl."


Meanwhile, "Zayn was very emotional when their baby girl was born. It was an emotional and special moment for him. He expressed that he is forever changed and would never disappoint her or Gigi. He wants to be the best father possible and is so excited."

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Apparently, the on-again off-again couple are "in the best place right now" and "their families have been at Gigi's place making sure she is fed and resting."

"Yolanda has been super helpful with the baby already and has been up helping throughout the night," the source said. "She is planning on staying with them for a while and they all want to head back to the farm at some point."


No news yet about what Zayn and Gigi named their daughter, but stay tuned!


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