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Zendaya Will Be Mary Jane Watson In 'Spider-Man' Reboot

The new Mary Jane Watson won't be a redhead.
PHOTO: Instagram/Zendaya

Singer-actress Zendaya will play Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker's love interest, in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming. This was reported by various entertainment sites such as The Wrap and Vulture.

Zendaya will star opposite British actor Tom Holland, who snagged the role as the young Peter Parker. The movie is set for release on July 7, 2017.  

While most fans have celebrated Zendaya being cast in a major role in a big studio movie, there are some people who pointed out that she didn't look right for the role.

In the Spider-Man comics, Mary Jane Watson is a redhead. Actress Kirsten Dunst played the character in previous Spider-Man installments.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was one of those who came to Zendaya's defense.

"People get upset when something they consider intrinsic to a comic book character changes when adapted for a film. I get this. That said, I do not believe a character is the color of his or her skin," Gunn was quoted as saying in New York Daily News.

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