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Generation Glow
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Generation Glow
Weekly Challenges
Week 2:
Workout-Scrub-Glow Challenge

Bad vibes? Work it out and scrub them all away! These glow getters will show us a feel-good workout routine that ends with a glowing facial massage with St. Ives Apricot Scrub!

Duration: 2 to 3 minutes
Glow Points
Generation Glow Generation Glow
Determination of Winners

#GenerationGlow contestants will be graded based on the following criteria:

  • 20% Creativity
  • 20% Originality
  • 30% Relevance to weekly theme
  • 30% Audience votes

Judging Panel

Judges consist of three representatives from the brand and from Cosmopolitan Philippines editorial team every week.

From Cosmopolitan Philippines:

  • Retty Contreras, Managing Editor OR
  • Ira Nopuente, Beauty Editor OR
  • Ysa Singson, Editorial Assistant

From St. Ives Philippines

  • Maureen Wrobleweitz, Brand Ambassador
  • Hannah Arcangel, St. Ives Philippines
Generation Glow