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10 Ways To Eat More Veggies

Gulay is good for you.

There’s more to eating vegetables than devouring carrot sticks and bowls of salad. Here are lots of subtle ways to sneakily include greens in your diet. Good news—it includes cake!

 1. Bake it. There’s the obvious carrot cake, but you can search online for other veggie-filled pastry recipes, such as pumpkin cake, sweet potato brownies, carrot cookies, and corn muffins.

2. Make it your carb alternative. Lessen your carb intake by using lettuce instead of pita bread when making wraps, finely chopped cauliflower as an alternative to rice, shredded squash to replace spaghetti noodles, eggplant lasagna instead of pasta sheets…the list goes on!

3. Snack on veggie chips. When craving for junk food, cut your calorie intake in half by making baked veggie chips instead of devouring a bag of commercially produced chips. We have recipes here, CGs!

4. Sprinkle more herbs. According to the Nutrition Diva, fresh herbs like parsley, basil, oregano, and mint are like leafy greens on steroids. A cup of raw parsley, for example, has more than twice the vitamin and mineral content of a cup of raw spinach. There’s no better reason to add fresh chopped herbs to your pasta, meat, fish, and other vegetable dishes.

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5. Make veggie dips. If you’re trying to lose your belly fat, it’s time to replace your favorite cheesy and mayo-filled dips with something that’s veggie-based. Popular choices include spinach artichoke dips and hummus, but you can explore other ingredients such as pumpkin, beetroot, and dill.

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6. Get saucy. Sneak more vegetables into the sauces of your favorite home-cooked meals, such as Filipino dishes that use a lot of tomato sauce. Instead of using ready-made sauces from groceries (it’s full of preservatives), start from scratch and make your own using fresh tomatoes and herbs.

7. Veg up your breakfast. Craving for eggs in the morning? Add a helping of chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions, broccoli, and herbs to your omelet to boost your energy.

8. Juice it. Blend some greens, such as spinach and kale, in your pre-workout smoothie. Blending it with your favorite sweet fruits is a great way to incorporate veggies into your diet.

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9. Green up your side dishes. When eating out and you have the option to choose the side dishes that come with your chicken or steak, opt for the garden salad and mixed veggies. Save the mac ‘n cheese and garlic rice for your cheat day.

10. Meatless Monday. Contrary to popular belief, this global movement isn’t a campaign to turn people into vegetarians. Meatless Monday was actually initiated in 2003 by a US public health group to encourage people to improve their health. The premise is simple: do not eat meat on Mondays. There are many veggie dishes that give you the same amount of protein and nutrients that you get from your usual meat choices. Supporters of this movement encourage people to join by uploading free vegetable recipes online.

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