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10 Ways To Make Your Dine-In Or Takeout Orders Less Fattening

Yes, even if it's fast food.

1. Pick a place that has healthy options. A good choice would be a restaurant or fast food chain that serves vegetables, has a dish that's not very oily, and serves lean meat.

2. Order food that doesn't have a lot of sauce. Sauces, especially the thick ones, were made with a lot of fat like cream, butter, and cheese. They'll up your calorie intake by a lot.

3. Order vegetables. This is a no-brainer.

4. Ask for the salad dressing to be put on the side so you control how much you put. A number of salad dressings have a lot of fat in them so they'll make the greens taste good. But you really don't need a lot!

5. Think of taking out some of the food you ordered for the next day. Portioning your meal helps cut down on calories! You can actually go ahead and tell your server to have your order split into two, for example, and ask him to have one half wrapped for takeout.

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6. If you're ordering pizza, go for thin crust. You'll cut down on excess carbs!

7. If you're ordering soup, go for a broth-based one over cream-based. Broth-based soup is pretty much just water with some seasoning. The cream-based one will have the fat.

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8. Avoid fried food. In case you didn't know, anything breaded is fried, so you might want to choose something else so you prevent yourself from taking in calories you don't need. 

9. Go easy on the butter for the bread. Because butter is fattening especially when you consume a large amount. If there's olive oil, you're much better off dipping your bread in it (it's healthy fat!).

10. Eat light for the rest of the day. If you want to cheat and not restrict yourself so much since you want to celebrate or just enjoy delicous food, have a light breakfast and lunch so that you can load up on dinner.

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