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6 Diet Mistakes to Avoid

Too much or too little of something can make or break your progress. Don't make these diet mistakes!

1. Snacking too much or too little
Mindless snacking on junk like chips and chocolate will sabotage your diet, but not snacking at all will increase the likelihood of eating bigger portions come meal time. Track your progress by keeping a diet notebook and jotting down your intake for the day.

2. Not drinking enough water
You need water to burn calories. If your body is dehydrated, your metabolism slows down, which means slower weight loss. Researchers suggest drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, or at least a glass for every meal or snack.

3. Binging on fast food
This one in a no-brainer. As tasty as it is, fast food is loaded with unwanted calories and food additives. Do you really want these in your body?

4. Ditching dairy
Most people on diets steer clear of dairy products because of its fat content. But research suggests that calcium actually burns more fat. If you're still iffy about dairy, opt for nonfat or low-fat products.

5. Constantly weighing yourself
This will only lead to frustration. Remember: You are not going to lose weight overnight. It takes time and discipline, so don't torture yourself by stepping on the scale and expecting to see immediate results.

6. Skipping breakfast
It's the most important (and arguably the most delicious) meal of the day, so why skip it? You may think you're cutting down calories when you don't eat breakfast, but this may lead to binging later on in the day.

Source: WebMD

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