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6 Ways Your Job Is Making You Gain Weight

You might need to cut down on the unnecessary binge eating!
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In case you haven't received the memo, climbing the corporate ladder is NOT exercise. And it just might be doing the opposite to your body. *gasps* Yes, weight gain at work is real and it is often overlooked. Here are the six probable reasons why you've packed those extra unwanted pounds:

1. Lack of physical activity
If you're in a desk job, you are most probably spending at least 60 hours sitting a week. Add to it the hours you're on your commute—yikes! A decrease in physical activity can contribute to weight gain without us noticing. Talk about expanding waistlines!

2. Stress
High stress levels can trigger fat and sugar cravings. Being slammed with a lot of work can make you neglect your health. This may lead to bad practices such as not eating at proper times and leaving no time for workout. Stress can also play with our emotions which results to emotional eating.

3. Snacking
People often choose to eat snacks when hungry, usually unaware of consuming large portions disguised in bite-sized forms. Even everyday beverages such as frappes and juices can contain sugar equal or greater than most soft drinks.

4. Irregular sleeping schedules
Working later than usual results to post-dinner binge eating and lack of sleep. This sabotages our internal clock and the way our body works that helps contribute to gaining unwanted pounds. It's not doing you any favors either by being too dependent on caffeine to keep you going.

5. Office celebrations
The occasional food freebies and in-office celebrations are definite crowd favorites but it may be something you want to steer away from if you're on a weight-loss watch. These celebrations usually involve sweets, pizza and fast food. Rid yourself of the "minsan lang 'to" mentality when it comes to free food and just limit yourself to one. Your body will thank you one day.

6. Happy hours
It's normal to let off steam or to unwind after a long day at the office. While post-office hangouts usually lead to drinks, it is important to note that alcohol consumption can cause sugar levels to drop, thus the craving for sugary eats increases.

Achieving waistline-work balance can prove to be quite a challenge, but nothing a good and healthy drink within reach can't fix. Grab protein-rich drinks like Green N Go soy milk to help reach your body goals! A great alternative to sugary drinks served at counters, it's perfect for anyone who wants try a healthy lifestyle!

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