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The Reason You're Super Excited When You Get A New Journal Or Blank Diary

The rest is still unwritten. ;)
benefits of journaling
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In my line of work, I get a lot of free journals and diaries and notepads—especially around January. New year, new me or wuteva. And you'd think I'd be sick of it but actually, it's the opposite. In fact, I get so excited that I try to come up with things I could write about EVEN IF it doesn't make sense to me or my lifestyle. Should I channel my inner grade schooler and track the growth of a mung bean? Or maybe I should go back to writing fan fiction about me and Orlando Bloom (yes, this is v real thing I did in Grade 7, WHAT ABOUT IT)? 

And I know I'm not the only one who was giddy about buying supplies right before a new school year; if you think about it, this is just the adult version of that, you guys. 

According to Dr. Sumera Shahaney, "A blank page and the feeling of a fresh start is great for the mind. As a starting point, it helps you draw a line under things that have happened before, and makes you feel in control of a new destiny and path." 


The benefits of journaling

It can help you work out some emotional kinks.

Are you stressed about work or frustrated because you just had a fight with your mom? Writing your feelings down can be therapeutic. It doesn't even have to be full paragraphs; sometimes just a few words are enough. It helps validate whatever you're going through and your journal or diary provides a safe space for those personal thoughts.

It's your best friend if you want to be more organized. 

Even if it's just a notebook of to-do lists, it can do wonders for your life. Creating lists and having something you can turn to for day-to-day tasks are great if you're looking for more structure. Once that's established, you might feel more productive. It also trains you to be more accountable for your responsibilities. 

Get those creative juices ~flowing~, gurl. 

Feeling bored and uninspired lately? It's normal to experience a creative block once in a while. As a fun exercise, you can look up interesting writing prompts online that'll get you excited. Sometimes, before I go to bed, I think of my latest crush (hello, Bright) and I write random questions I'd want to ask him (lol, even in my daydreams, I'm an editor). 

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