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With Multiple Illnesses That Caused Infertility, Bernadette Sembrano Embarked On A *Major* Health Journey

'Pagod na 'yung katawan ko'
Bernadette Sembrano shared her fertility journey
PHOTO: Instagram/iambernadettesembrano

Here's something we don't usually talk about: pregnancy doesn't come easy for other couples. Some face infertility, while others are not physically prepared to bear a child.

With technology nowadays, there are a lot of ways to conceive a child. Some are successful in using alternative ways to get pregnant. Some are still waiting for their blessed chance to be parents—one of those is broadcast journalist Bernadette Sembrano.

In a YouTube vlog, Bernadette talked about her fertility journey with her husband Emilio Aguinaldo IV. For her, it's important for the public to talk about infertility.

"Dapat pinag-uusapan 'yung fertility issues. Feeling ko it's always been taboo. Parang kapag sinabing walang anak, ite-take lang natin na 'eh kasi hindi binigay ng Diyos. Pero kung may sakit kayo, baka kailangang gamutin," she remarked.

The couple tied the knot in 2008. This year they are celebrating their 15 years of marriage. 

In 2016, they successfully went through in vitro fertilization (IVF) which involves steps to fertilize an egg with sperm in a laboratory setting before transferring it to a woman's womb. However, Bernadette had a miscarriage.


"I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 30 years old. Dahil dito, nahirapan kami magka-baby. We tried in vitro fertilization at fortunately, nabiyayaan kami with Molly. But we lost her after a few weeks," Bernadette said.

Now at 46, Bernadette took another leap of faith with the hopes of having a successful pregnancy. This time, IVF is still their primary option for pregnancy.

"We are embarking on a huge journey," she remarked during her vlog. Starting in September 2022, the TV personality documented her visits and consultations with doctors and fertility experts.

Aiming to raise awareness about infertility, Bernadette shared even the most sensitive details about her health that might be of help to others who are in the same situation. It was heartbreaking to watch and hear the stories of women who have infertility issues and dream of becoming moms.

The TV personality disclosed her medical results that affected her choices and chances of getting pregnant—one of which was being diagnosed with myoma. This is when cysts form in and around the uterus.

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"Endometriosis is one of the causes of infertility. Kaya tayo nag-effort na magpa-work up. Later on nalaman natin, ang ating fallopian tube ay barado. Therefore, talagang ang chance lang natin [to get pregnant] is through IVF," she explained.

Her doctor gave her the options she should consider before their IVF session but the whole scenario caused frustration for Bernadette.

"How do I feel? Honestly, I feel frustrated. Kasi akala ko simple lang 'yung pag-implant ng embryos. I told asawa kanina na parang pagod na 'yung katawan ko from trying," the news anchor expressed.

"Am I in a rush to do it? Or should I do it right [now]?" Bernadette asked this question to her OB-gynecologist, Dr. Eileen Manalo.

We can feel how hopeful and nervous Bernadette was while going through their fertility journey. But Dr. Eileen told her that she should take her time treating her illness first. "You already have an embryo so you have to take your time to correct this."


She took more medical tests to ensure that her womb would be a healthy environment for her future baby. After multiple doctor visits and several laboratory tests, they found out that she has an autoimmune disease wherein her body produces "bad antibodies" that can be crucial for pregnancy.

Bernadette had to undergo therapies including lymphocyte immunization therapy (LIT). This therapy can boost their chances of conceiving a child as it helps develop a "tolerance to the prospective father's cells in preparation for pregnancy."

In April 2023, Bernadette had a check-up on her uterine lining to see if she was ready for the IVF embryo transfer. Unfortunately, she disclosed that her uterine lining got thinner, which made it impossible for her to do the procedure.

"Mas manipis pa 'yung lining after several attempts of medicine and hormones [...] Nalungkot ako. Pero super klaro na eto 'yung pinagdasal ko, so masakit siya," Bernadette said while she broke into tears.


Bernadette and Emilio are not giving up in their quest to have a child, because they are also considering surrogacy.

"Sa mga tanong-tanong kung bakit wala akong anak, eto 'yun. Mas masakit pa nga 'yung tanong niyo kasi gustong-gusto naming magka-anak, pero eto it's complicated," said the emotional Bernadette in her vlog.

Despite the heartbreaking details of Bernadette's fertility journey, her decision to share those  publicly was both brave and impactful. It has inspired and taught others what to do and what to expect when it comes to infertility issues.

Her story is also proof of how married couples must support each other, for better or for worse. 

"No matter the pain, I am grateful to my asawa who not once pressured me to do things to my body," Bernadette said.

Bernadette added, "Because of my husband's love for me, I am able to share our story."

You can watch Bernadette's full vlog here:


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