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The *Busy* Girl's Ultimate Guide To Working Out Consistently

How To Have A Consistent Workout Routine
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Before, I would only go to the gym when my schedule would allow it. My schedule was erratic, and TBH, I had time management problems when I was younger. (Keeping it real here, girls.)

Fitness was more of an afterthought. A gym visit would only happen if I felt like my jeans were getting tighter than usual. Or maybe if I had an upcoming beach trip, I just had to take HIIT classes. I relied on willpower most of the time, and I guarantee you, it's not enough.

Last year, I committed to changing my lifestyle. My body kept me alive during a pandemic, so it deserves to be cared for. It's been a year now and I could not believe that it's been a year since I started working out regularly. I also have a different mindset toward fitness.  Here's how I got into a consistent workout routine.

How To Start A Workout Routine And Be Consistent With It

  1. Find a why.

    When I was in my 20s, my sole reason for working out was so I can have toned abs. I wanted to flaunt the "11" abs whenever I would wear crop tops. This made working out a chore. Then, I would hate myself for not looking the way I expected.

    Before my 2022 fitness reset, my partner asked me the deeper reason that would keep me going aside from looking "good" in crop tops. After a series of questions, we both discovered that I aimed to be strong. I wanted to be able to lift things with ease. And I desired to strengthen my immune system because I'm not getting any younger. According to a study, exercise has mental health benefits. It helps manage anxiety and depression, plus it improves cognitive function. There is so much more to exercise than looking like a fitness influencer.

  2. Get an accountability partner.

    Having a consistent workout habit is easier when you have an accountability partner. When you have someone who would check in on you, it feels more motivating because of the support. You don't need to be in the gym at the same time. You can simply message each other if any of you will exercise, then have an online spreadsheet to monitor each other's progress.

  3. Discover your favorite fitness activity.

    It was a trial-and-error method for me. I was doing HIIT for six months. Although it really helped me build endurance, I did not look forward to it. It felt like a chore.

    When I got COVID, I had to do low-impact workouts to help me get back in the game. I followed ballet-inspired fitness videos and slowly regained my strength. After trying other workout plans, I eventually found out that I enjoy lifting weights. I'm not Hidilyn Diaz, but I'm proud to say that I can squat using an Olympic bar with weights! (In case you're curious, my workout days are M-W-F. I do upper body on Mondays. lower body on Wednesdays, and full-body on Fridays.)

  4. Treat your workout days like appointments.

    When you block off a time in your day to work out, you're more likely to show up. You will also be prepared for it: You'll have a workout plan, including a start and end time. Since it's on your calendar, it won't be an afterthought. Since I was just beginning to teach my mind and body about a new habit, I made sure I won't meet miss it twice. (I got this from the bestselling book, Atomic Habits!)

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  5. Try habit stacking.

    Again, as inspired by the life-changing book Atomic Habits, I tried habit stacking or combining an activity I have already been doing with a new habit. In my case, I hate the elliptical and the treadmill. So, I watched my favorite series while I'm warming up on the elliptical. I don't watch the series unless I'm in a gym. There was even a time when I was tempted to finish the episode while on the machine. LOL!

  6. Find supportive fitness gear.

    As a girl who loves comfort and style, I know that I won't be motivated to work out if I'm struggling to wear my sports bra and leggings. Sports bras would crush my ribcage (even if I got them in the right size), and leggings would constrict my belly and puson.

    I thought this was just the norm, so I was surprised when I tried on this new workout gear. The bra and leggings support me where my body needs them. The bra is comfortable and super cute (I can wear it as a top + jeans). The leggings don't roll down when I plank or sit down. My puson is well supported. BTW, the booty lift is a bonus! 

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  7. Be patient.

    It's not an overnight process. It took eight months before I noticed changes. I still don't have toned abs or even a "smaller" dress size. But I noticed that my booty has grown and is now lifted. My arms are stronger and I don't get tired easily. Recall if the answer to your "why" has been showing progress. Don't focus on inches and pounds lost. 

  8. Don't be too hard on yourself.

    On busy weeks, I don't even work out. That's fine. Life happens, and we need to shift our priorities from time to time. To make up for it, I make sure that I still move. I walk outside of the building to get some fresh air. Or go up to the rooftop via the STAIRS just to get my heart rate up. Then, I set an ~*appointment*~ with myself to do a full-body workout during the weekend.

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