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Apparently, A Dentist Can Detect Pregnancy Just By Looking Inside Your Mouth

Another day, another TikTok discovery!
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Another day, another discovery from the ~medical~ side of TikTok! Remember when we reported that dentists can tell if you've given a blow job just by looking at the roof of your mouth? Well, it turns out there are other things they can figure out just by looking inside your mouth.

According to fourth year dentistry student @thatdentalgal_, dentists can detect pregnancy just by looking at the condition of your gums. "This is not only due to nausea and enamel erosion but due to something called pregnancy gingivitis which is seen in 30 to 50 percent of pregnant patients," she shared.


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She explained that pregnancy gingivitis causes the gums to be inflamed and tender, which can lead to bleeding and sensitivity.

pregnancy gingivitis
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And in case you had any doubts about whether or not this piece of info is legit, it is. According to the American Dental Association, women are more likely to develop gingivitis when they are pregnant. During this time, gingivitis can also show up as lumps along your gumline-called "pregnancy tumors." (Don't worry, they're not cancerous at all). In case you're worried about them, you'll be glad to know that they tend to go away on their own once you give birth.

The more you know, we guess. Thanks, TikTok!


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