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The Department Of Health Is Calling To Lower The Prices Of Expensive Medicines

The DOH plans to make an executive order for review by the President.

Medicine is such an expensive commodity nowadays that sometimes, it can cost you an arm and a leg. Now, the Department of Health (DOH) is planning to change that as they want to lower the prices of expensive medicines.

According to a report, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said during a forum on November 9, “We have about 120 to 124 molecules subject to a possible or probable maximum drug retail price which we will draft an executive order and submit it to the Office of the President.” 

The health secretary added, “This is a very important component of the Universal Health Care Law: We need to bring down prices of very expensive drugs and medicines.”

Citing an example, the health secretary said that if you are a teacher or a police officer who is sick with cancer, you will end up spending all of your money as he said, “You will be an indigent overnight.”


The DOH wants to lower the prices of medicines so that more people may be able to access it “and bring down the price barriers to quality medicines, especially deadly diseases,” Secretary Duque said.

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