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Empress Schuck Opens Up About Miscarriage: 'Two embryos... to none'

Sending hugs to you, Empress!
Empress Schuck shares miscarriage story
PHOTO: Instagram/itsempressita

Empress Schuck shared a painful story on New Year's Day. The actress opened up about her recent pregnancy loss. "This year, we would've been a family of four or even five," she began to write on Instagram.

Empress mentioned that two embryos were first detected until there were none. Baffled, it took quite a while before she could even talk about their experience. "From two embryos, to one, then to none. I’m still not sure how to talk about it. I just know that sometimes our plans for ourselves don’t align with God’s plans for us," she noted.

Her post included black and white photos of them as a family of three, and an ultrasound result showing the two embryos, and a set of pregnancy test results she took.

She proceeded to express her appreciation for her husband, Vino Guingona, as they journeyed through their loss. "To my husband @vinoguingona who’s been by my side and making sure I feel alright through this puzzling experience, you are truly God’s blessing to me. We may not exactly understand how we feel about this but having each other is enough to say that everything will be ok," Empress said.


Empress and Vino tied the knot in March 2021. They've been together for nearly nine years and are parents to a beautiful daughter, Athalia.


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